Lisa Goesling: Just Scratching the Surface

September 2013 Show at Envision Art Gallery, 3020 N. Lincoln, Chicago, IL



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Orchid evolution stage 2

orchidround2.172Orchid evolution stage 2          Copyright

Slowly but surely, this piece is evolving. I am just as surprised as you are watching the detailed lines create living, breathing forms.

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Orchids on Steroids


Orchids on Steroids          Copyright

That’s the working name for now! Here is a progression of my present piece, Orchids on Steroids. Being 30″x50″, the flowers appear a bit larger than life. Varying my lines to create values is a rather large feat at this size, but I am happy with the results. (If the art looks a little blurry, it’s because I photographed it myself. I’ll have Bruce Starrenburg shoot it when it’s completed.)

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Snapdragon    Copyright

I am captivated by the delicate shapes and bold colors of these spring flowers. Did you know why they are called snapdragons? It’s because they resemble the face of a dragon opening and closing their ‘mouths’ when squeezed!

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Catkin Study

catkin.5sm Catkin Study                                                       Copyright                                                                                           In keeping with my pussy willow theme, I thought I would concentrate on their most distinctive element, the catkin. Before male catkins come into full flower, they are covered in fine greyish ‘fur’, one of the earliest signs of spring. Chinese legend says that the young green shoots sprouting through the puffy white buds signify prosperity. I am only about half way through this single catkin, still debating whether or not to add color. A lot more dimension needs to be added to this 20″x20″ piece, but eventually I hope that you will feel as if you can reach out and touch it!

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Artist to Artist Pussywillow

Artist to Artist Pussywillow    Copyright

vpuswilI demonstrated my Scratchbord technique on the show Artist to Artist back in November. Concentrating on the details, I drew a small portion of a Pussy willow. I finally had the opportunity to complete the piece and as host Enid Silverman said, “you sure can create a lot of drama with this medium!”.

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Critic’s Choice Award

Photography by Bruce Starrenburg at Lightbox Studio“Celebrate the Healing Power of ART” Awards

Jill Conner, New York Critic, Presents Her Critic’s Choice Award Lisa Goesling-Award Winner  Comment by Jill Conner

“Lisa Goesling’s floral etching on Scratchbords reaches into the dark abyss of space while defining the depth parameters with lyrical petals and foliage seen on iris blossoms. “Inside of an Iris” is a dissection of the various surfaces that piece together this multi-layered flower. By approaching her subjects on different visual levels, as seen here, Goesling commits to gray-scale bringing the viewer into the subtle tones of layers. Blossoms and stems unwind in a circular pattern as if arranged upon a flat surface. Yet Goesling’s use of lyricism in line suggests a series of performative moments that spin boundlessly.”

Jill Conner ( is the New York Editor of Whitehot Magazine as well as the Editor of On-Verge/Alternative Art Criticism, a collaboration between the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) and CUE Art Foundation. She is a contributor to Afterimage, ArtUS, Art in America, Interview Magazine, Performance Art Journal and Sculpture Magazine. She has provided editorial assistance to Dorothea Rockburne. She is also a Board Member of AICA.

As an independent curator, Conner is interested in opening discourse for strong art that has been overlooked. Her upcoming projects include a curated group exhibition at A.I.R. Gallery in Spring 2013 (New York, NY) as well as THAW a group show that will appear at the Dorsky Gallery in November 2013 (New York, NY)

She is founder of AS/ARTISTS STUDIOS, ( a database of the strongest non-represented art vis-a-vis New York City that seeks to create an online space in which one can view art that is less accessible than art created by represented artists. Read an interview with Jill Conner on Renee Phillips blog at

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