onecatkininbloom300bOneCatkinBloomsweptawayfl100SweptAwaysnapdrag2SnapdragonvpuswilArtisttoArtistpussywillo3043AlmostthereSunflower150 Almost There Sunflower Pattern200 The Nature of Design-Pattern Pattern200exclusion The Nature of Design-Patternprint Art Capture by LightboxJeannes Magnolias RoughDraft5forblogFinished D DetailedofGrapeLeafDeatil of a Grape natureofdesign_shapes200The Nature of Design-Shapes Movement1flgraytnodmovementnewMovement1greenexclusionThe Nature of Design-MovementprintClosetothesunnew Multiple Weed Flowers100Multiple Weed FlowersMarigoldArt-i-chokenew Colored Pussywillows Largerthanlifetexasthis Petals Composition of a Coleus Magnolias up close Colored Columbine Small Dahlia 2012_1023_GOS_ART_011_WEB Interation 1 2012_1023_GOS_ART_010_WEB Interaction 2 2012_1023_GOS_ART_009_WEB Interaction 3 Burst of Energy AsFarAsTheEye Eremurus Goesling_L_2b Small Evolutionofaniris Hydrangea Pink Flowers Alex's Flower Evolution of an Iris OpenMagnolias Fullartichoke Tulips 2light Tulippetals Grapevines Layers of Weeds Groupofcolumbines OnTheirWayOut Peonies PineTreeBerries Dragonfly1 Side Sunflower Basket of Shells Wispy Weeds Broccoli Thistle Full Orchid BlackandWhiteColumbine Plantleaves Pussy willows2Orange flowers Pinecones Pussy willows Dahlias2964Firework Flower100FireworkFlower2984 Orchid Parts One Two3 Orchid Part One and Two Magnolia Buds RedFlower BlackWhiteLillies Colorado Pods lacyleaf sunflowerdetail B&W Orchid JL LilyJL Lily Queen Ann Orange Tulips


In the Shadows3012

Photography by Bruce Starrenburg at Lightbox StudioinsideofanirisPhotography by Bruce Starrenburg at Lightbox StudioCatkin StudyCommissions welcome


3 Responses to Artwork

  1. Lisa Campbell says:

    Lisa, we were just looking at your work. It is beautiful. You are so talented and lucky to actually love your work!

  2. coq10 says:

    I admired your insightful article. topnotch contribution. I hope you release more. I will continue watching

  3. Xavi says:

    Lisa! Wow you are amazing. What beautiful work you do. Xavi & Kim

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