Split Orchid

Orchid Part One and Two by Lisa Goesling                                                                Copyright I decided to take a vertical approach to this piece by taking two separate 11″x14″ boards creating one piece of art. Each section of Orchid Part One and Two works separately as well as a unit. I apologize for the loss of detail. I typically scan my work into the computer but these were just a bit too large to scan. That left me with photographing the art which as you can see, isn’t my strong point! Lost pretty much all of the detail, but I assure you…it is there! What isn’t lost is the movement, the glorious shapes and the range of tones creating depth and beauty throughout. Enjoy!


About Lisa Goesling

Fine Artist
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1 Response to Split Orchid

  1. nwolitzer says:

    I came to your site via Ampersand’s Facebook page. I am so moved by your work — it is exquisite.

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