Colored Puss Willow

Colored Puss Willow by Lisa Goesling                                                                          Copyright

I am continually amazed by nature. How silky white ‘catkins’  and rough gray/brown branches inhabit the same tree. Textures, colors, and shapes…what a perfect subject to draw!


About Lisa Goesling

Fine Artist
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1 Response to Colored Puss Willow

  1. Mazalart says:

    I went to your new website and blog. Quite impressive! Seeing the photo of your work in process, was a surprise – huge size, of what’s is usually a miniature technique.
    I recently discovered Ampersand Claybords, which I use for mixed media. They are also coated in kaolin, which takes pencil, ink and gouache fantastically. (I live in Israel, where they are not available. My dad is lives in NJ, and on my last 2 trips, they completely filled my luggage on the way home.

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