Lisa Goesling Included in ARTbyAMERICA

Art by America

Congratulations to the 145 artists from across the country who were selected to participate in this year’s Art by America exhibit at The Art House in Chicago (


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My last post through WordPress

Queen Ann's Lace100Queen Ann’s Lace by Lisa Goesling   Copyright

My domain name remains the same, just type in I will simply be under a new website service,  Thank you for your continued interest in my art, looking forward to many more years to come, Lisa Goesling.

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My Art


Multiple Images by Lisa Goesling   Copyright

Every artist tells a story. I rarely provide a synopsis about my creations. I count on the visual senses of the people viewing my art to be activated and inspired. Ultimately it is their words that best describe my art. -Lisa Goesling

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Check out Encendido Wine’s Facebook Page



What’s in a label? Encendido partnered with Chicago Artists Coalition to find a local artist to develop a label that would bring to life the meaning of “encendido” (passionate, turned on, switched on). CAC worked with five artists to gather design submissions and ultimately, Lisa Goesling’s original grape leaf graphic was selected. Lisa said her “initial intent was to draw the leaf up close, concentrating on all of the fabulous details. However, what evolved was not only a multi-layered leaf, but if you use your imagination, what you can see is the topographical relief of a vineyard and rolling hills.” Lisa utilized an etching technique called scratchboard to create the image, and each scratchboard is an original work of art. Lisa’s label design involves every sense. “Drinking a glass of wine sparks your senses of taste, smell and sight. You can even hear it when it is poured. What I was able to achieve was a sense of touch through the embossed main arteries of the grape leaf. An immediate tactile feeling is created the moment someone reaches for a wine bottle, the first step to a truly memorable wine experience.” We are so pleased to showcase Lisa’s beautiful artwork on our bottle. Its dynamic style conveys the energy and zeal we hope is provoked by Encendido.


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One Catkin In Bloom


One Catkin In Bloom by Lisa Goesling                     Copyright

Capturing a single catkin, (the puffy bloom on a pussy willow) right when all of the little buds were exploding was so much fun! I spend a lot of time studying pussy willows. Their fine lines, depth and details are perfect for Scratchbords. Taking a small surface and making a big impression proves that art doesn’t have to be huge to be powerful.

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Photos from my 9/13 Solo Exhibition


Thank you photographer, James Richards IV:

Love your work!

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Swept Away


Swept Away by Lisa Goesling     Copyright

I spend a whole lot of time distracted, not exactly watching where I am going. That’s because I am always focused on finding the next great subject matter to create from. This branch with it’s spotted, crumpled, leaves was waiting for me one day outside of my door. It isn’t fall yet, but it didn’t seem to know that.

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Lisa Goesling: Just Scratching the Surface

September 2013 Show at Envision Art Gallery, 3020 N. Lincoln, Chicago, IL



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Orchid evolution stage 2

orchidround2.172Orchid evolution stage 2          Copyright

Slowly but surely, this piece is evolving. I am just as surprised as you are watching the detailed lines create living, breathing forms.

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Orchids on Steroids


Orchids on Steroids          Copyright

That’s the working name for now! Here is a progression of my present piece, Orchids on Steroids. Being 30″x50″, the flowers appear a bit larger than life. Varying my lines to create values is a rather large feat at this size, but I am happy with the results. (If the art looks a little blurry, it’s because I photographed it myself. I’ll have Bruce Starrenburg shoot it when it’s completed.)

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